Fishing and Crabbing

The Sandy Pines dock is a great place to fish.
Sandy Pines and Harris Creek are a great place to fish and crab.  Here's our tips:


You can catch rockfish, flounder, croaker, etc. from the dock at Sandy Pines.  You may want to check the MD DNR website, children under 16 do not need to get a fishing license.  However, you will need a fishing license for adults to fish from the dock or a boat.  You can purchase short term licenses as well as bait at the Shore Sportman in Easton.  We recommend buying softshell crabs for fishing at Higgins Seafood, which is just down the road in Neavitt, MD. You make a right out of the property and go into Neavitt, MD. Just past Neavitt, make a left turn on to Carroll Road. Make your first right and immediate left. You will see what looks like a run-down shack, but is actually a soft shell crab molting area. Just knock on the door and ask for peelers. They are $2 / each and very fresh. They are open until 2pm almost every day.

Fishing Tips

  • For Rockfish, we recommend using live, softshell crabs.  Cut the crabs into pieces (at least quarters) and use a two hook rig with a sinker.
  • Timing is important.  The best time is when the tide is changing.  Check out the tides on Harris Creek here.  We recommend going out just as the tide is changing to the end of the dock with your softshell crabs.  We have caught 24"+ rockfish using this technique.

Fishing Charters

Guests have had a great experience catching Rockfish at the nearby Screaming Eagle charters in Neavitt, MD:


There is a crab net and a crab trap in the pool shed.  We recommend using chicken parts with a crab line.  Place the line in the water for a few minutes and slowly retrieve the chicken.  As the chicken approaches the surface, by ready (and quick) with the net to catch the crab.