Guest Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Please conserve water and use only single-ply toilet tissue as the house is on a septic system.
  2. Please keep the strainer in the kitchen sink drain to prevent back-ups. There is no disposal.
  3. NO smoking in the house or on the porch. County law prohibits all outdoor fires.
  4. No kerosene torches (e.g., standing “tiki” torches) are to be left at the house.
  5. Please put all trash in bags before placing it in the outdoor cans. Please place no loose trash in cans. Trash pick-up is on Tuesdays (and Thursdays in summer only).
  6. Recyclables (plastic, glass, newspapers) can be taken to the Bozman recycling center.
  7. Thermostats are in the living room and in the blue bedroom. Press “System Mode” button, toggle to “COOL” or “HEAT” and use the blue or red arrow keys to adjust temperature. Then press “HOLD” to maintain desired temperature. For A/C the house is comfortable at 76-degrees. For heat, the house is comfortable at 68-degrees. Please shut system to “OFF” in nice weather by choosing “OFF” on System Mode button. The Fan may be left “ON” at all times.
  8. The shed houses pool floats, lawn games, bicycles – all of which are available for your use. Please return them to the shed at the end of your stay.
  9. Unfortunately, the jetties in the tub area adjacent to the pool do not work (would require digging up the pool to repair).
  10. The mobile Polaris pool cleaner is on a timer and should not be removed from the pool. Please do not adjust any of the settings for the pool equipment in the shed. The pool is serviced on Fridays by Clearwater Pools.
  11. Kayaks & canoes should be stored face down, in marked location, after each use. The Sunfish sailboat should be stored on the portal dolly and left upside-down. Left at the shoreline, tides can carry them away - it’s happened! Lost kayak or sailboat fee: $750.

If something is of concern or not functioning properly, please contact our local, on-call caretakers, Lisa & Barry. Their contact information is listed at the property.

Departure Guidelines – Please read carefully

  • Check out is at 11:00am PROMPTLY on the day of departure~!
  • Please return all indoor and outdoor furniture to their original locations.
  • Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run through wash cycle.
  • Remove your own linens and return bedspreads and shams to beds. 
  • Wash and return all kitchen linens to drawers by kitchen sink. 
  • Dispose of all unused food from refrigerator and freezer.
  • Check for dvds left in the player and electronic chargers left in wall sockets.
  • Return pool accessories to the pool shed. Place kayaks back from shoreline.
  • Place all trash in bags and put in outdoor trash containers and strap shut.
  • Adjust thermostats – press “System Mode” button and then press “Run”.
  • Leave all house keys on the kitchen counter and lock all 4 doors as you leave.

We greatly appreciate your care of our home! - The Bebee's