Boats, Bikes, Paddleboards, Kayaks, and Sailing

There are SUP ATX Adventure Premium Paddleboards (2), kayaks (2), a canoe, bikes (5), and a Sunfish sailboat provided for your enjoyment at Sandy Pines.  You may also use the nearby Neavitt, MD boat launch.

Neavitt Boat Launch

The Neavitt Boat Launch is less than two miles away.  It does require a permit which is $40 and may be purchased by mail in advance or at St. Michaels Auto in St. Michaels on your way to Sandy Pines (they only take cash): Talbot County Launch Permit Site.  The dock has 2' MLW and is probably about a 15-20 minute boat ride around the point from the Neavitt Landing.

Permit purchase locations in St. Michaels.

St. Michaels Auto
906 Talbot Street
St. Michaels, MD 21663


There are a total of five bikes.  Three bikes are adult bikes and two bikes are childrens bikes.  There is also a Burley Child's trailer which may be used for trailing with children or carrying a picnic.  There are two bike helmets and a bike pump.  Each season, we inspect the bikes for any major issues, but they are provided in "as-is" conditition.  If you are using a bike and it needs repair, there is a bike shop just outside of St. Michaels, TriCycle and Run.

Launching the Canoe, Kayaks and Sailboats

Near the water at Sandy Pines is a small grassy area to the right of the dock.  This is the best spot to launch the kayaks, canoes, and Sunfish sailboat.  For the kayaks and canoe, just drag the boats into the water near the small sandy area and the end of the drainage.  For the sailboat, it is most easily down with two people, but can be accomplished by two.  You will need to move the sailboat on the small dolly provided, tilt the boat on its side to remove the dolly, and lift (or slip gently) into the water.  There is an area of submerged rocks near the launching boat (to the left towards the dock), so please be aware when launching the boats.  When you are done with the boats, please pull them up safely on the shoreline far enough back that a high tide will not float them away.  The fee for a lost boat is $750.  Upon leaving Sandy Pines, please store them upside down in the original location.

Using the Kayaks and Canoes

Life Jackets and Paddles are all located in the pool shed.  There are two kayaks and one canoe.  The canoe is older and showing some wear, but is perfectly safe and operable.

Using the Stand-up Paddleboard

Both paddle boards are the SUP ATX Adventure Premium.  We recommend launching the paddleboards from the dock and then heading back into shore.  Also, the boards have a carrying handle on the middle of the board for ease of use.  If you're new to paddleboarding, check our REI's site for a quick guide.  

Using the Sunfish Sailboat

The Sunfish rigging is all located in pool shed.  You will need to rig the boat with the following items:
1.  Mast
2.  Sail
3.  Centerboard
4.  Rudder

If you are unfamilar with rigging a Sunfish, please see the rigging guide.

Moving the Sunfish

There is a rollaboat tote dolly provided from the Sunfish. See this link for pictures.  You use the small hook handle from the stern of the boat to pull it to your desired location.  When you want to remove the wheels, tilt the boat on to the side and pull the wheels from the centerboard hole in the boat.  The boat should be stored upside down with the dolly inserted into the boat.

Sunfish Notes

After each usage, please make sure to drain any water in the hull.  This may be done by removing the plug (unscrews with a flathead screwdriver) and tilting the boat to drain the water.  Also, the tiller spring sticks slightly and may need a little bit of force to unstick from the stern.